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International experience is considered a valued skill from the part of employers, and the ETSII provides different possibilities to acquire it, with the numerous partners, and a 30 years old interchange expertise. Nowadays close to 50% of ETSII last year students, develop part of their studies out of Spain.


Competición de la compañía naval DAMEN

Reunión informativa 19 de febrero 12:30h Aula R3


Damen, compañía naviera, por su enfoque en el desarrollo integral de todos los sistemas abordo, desde la propulsión a la navegación y los nuevos materiales hasta toda la electrónica abordo, convoca el concurso Whitepaper Competition DAMEN SHIPYARDS 2013.
Dirigido a:
1) Ingenieros Navales y Oceánicos (de las Escuelas Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Navales de las Universidades de Madrid, Ferrol y Cartagena)
2) Y, por primera vez, también para los Ingenieros Industriales y Aeronáuticos (de las Escuelas Técnicas Superiores de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid, Ferrol, Cartagena y de la Universidad Carlos III).
Nr1 shipyards in the Netherland, with over 45 yards world wide
International traineeships (
Six Cooperating Universities and Faculties:
Naval engineers & Architects, Industrial, Electronic and Aerospace engineers
The Escuelas Técnica Superiores de Madrid, la Coruña and Cartagena
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, school of engineering
In what kind of talent Damen is interested?
We are looking for engineering professionals who want to take the lead and have a pro - active way of action. Ideally, you are a team player with an entrepreneurial mindset, working independently and think critically. As well as offering interesting global career opportunities, we invest in talent and encourage ambition.
1. 1National winners will be invited to a master class at Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands during which they will be able to present themselves directly at company headquarters as candidates for a full 2traineeship with the company.
o Important: 4 Out of 20 competitors in 2013 are at present in the final stages of being contracted by Damen
2. Local winners will receive an iPad.
3. All participants will receive a commemorative gift.

1 The “master class” has the duration of approximately 3 days and will be held at Damen headquarters. Winners will be invited by Damen.
2 Traineeship: contrato laboral, con participación en el programa especial de desarrollo interno de talentos.
3 white paper es un documento (en este caso de máximo 10 paginas) o guía con autoridad con el objetivo de ayudar a los lectores a comprender un tema, resolver o afrontar un problema, o tomar una decisión. Los “White papers” son utilizadas especialmente para ayudar a tomar decisiones, tanto políticas como de negocios.

Present a 3White paper of maximum 10 pages presenting an idea, technical or commercial concept, process improvement, creating value for Damen as an internationally leading shipbuilding concept.
Possible Subjects
Innovations relevant for Damen ; New materials in Shipbuilding and relevant engineering; Sustainability in Shipbuilding and construction; Damen Shipyards’ product range; Propulsion technology; Energy efficiency; Offshore wind parks; DC versus AC Ability; Comfort and ergonomics in relation to systems integrations and supplier networks; Etc. etc.
Who is entitled to participate?
Students in their final year of master studies, and those recently graduated at one of the following Universities.
1) Final inscription 31 December 2013 2) February 28 2014 papers to be submitted 3) March 2014 presentations 4) April-May 2014 Master class at Damen in the Netherlands
It is recommended to have the supervision of a professor at your university.
Inscriptions: Upload your information and tell us the subject of your “paper”
Or contact:

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