The commitment of the International Relations Office at ETSII is to promote interchange of Students and Staff with the leading academic Engineering Institutions all over the world. Internationalization is one of the strategic principles of the ETSII, within a labor market context, where Engineers are professionals susceptible to develop their careers globally.

International experience is considered a valued skill from the part of employers, and the ETSII provides different possibilities to acquire it, with the numerous partners, and a 30 years old interchange expertise. Nowadays close to 50% of ETSII last year students, develop part of their studies out of Spain.


Aalto Ventures Program - Summer Course 2020

 Aalto Ventures Program has launched the summer course Creating Multidimensional Experiences for the summer 2020. The course was a huge success in the summer of 2019 and we had students participating from 15 top universities. We are welcoming students to join the course in the summer of 2020, the registration for the course has opened!

Creating Multidimensional Experiences - Aalto Ventures Program Summer Course, August 2020

Learn to create immersive experiences in a multidisciplinary team of international students, working together towards a sustainable future.
Aalto Ventures Program summer course Creating Multidimensional Experiences will run next summer in August, 3.8.-21.8.2020. The course is a 6 + 2 ECTS credits course; the 2 ECTS the students will receive from successfully completing Starting Up -online course, a free online course about entrepreneurship accessible for everyone,

Creating Multidimensional Experiences -course has four focus areas: understanding the culture and people, learning the methods and tools for creating sustainable experiences with a viable business model, using storytelling and pitching to make your business stand out and doing all this while taking care of one’s own wellbeing. During the three weeks of magical Finnish summer, you will go from an idea to a validated sustainable business concept, learn by doing, and get to know and understand the globally renowned startup culture in Helsinki. More information and application details (including application periods and fees) can be found on the course website Make your summer’s best decision and apply to the course here!

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Publicado el Thursday, 2 de January de 2020