The commitment of the International Relations Office at ETSII is to promote interchange of Students and Staff with the leading academic Engineering Institutions all over the world. Internationalization is one of the strategic principles of the ETSII, within a labor market context, where Engineers are professionals susceptible to develop their careers globally.

International experience is considered a valued skill from the part of employers, and the ETSII provides different possibilities to acquire it, with the numerous partners, and a 30 years old interchange expertise. Nowadays close to 50% of ETSII last year students, develop part of their studies out of Spain.


Vulcanus in Japan 2020-2021 Industrial traineeship for EU / Cosme students

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Vulcanus in Japan programme - Session 2020-2021

Re-launching the "Vulcanus in Japan" programme through the EU and Cosme Universities.

The trainee programme VULCANUS IN JAPAN offers industrial placements in companies in Japan to EU and COSME university students of engineering, high-tech or other scientific fields, enrolled -when applying- in between the 4th official year of studies and the penultimate year of PhD.

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Below, all the relevant links with information on the programme and on the application process

Info on what is the Vulcanus Programme

* Description (Vulcanus webpage)

* Flyer in English

* Flyers in other languages available at :

* Statistics (visual)

* Video testimonial in English from former participant:

* More testimonials in English & other languages at

Info on the application process

* Application form

* More info on compulsory documents

* Frenquently asked questions

* Prezi video on eligibility and application process (with audio)

Deadline to apply: 20 January 2020

Margherita Rosada – Vulcanus Manager
Tel: +32 2 282 3715


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